I am a tenured associate professor at the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire. I worked for the Korean National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, where I engaged in research and foreign affairs related to Asian-Pacific economic cooperation. I also worked as USA correspondent for Buddhist Broadcasting System, where I contributed reports to radio news on a particular topic (e.g., health) and as USA correspondent for Korean Broadcasting Institute, where I covered breaking news and features in U.S. broadcasting industry. Much of my research involves global communication, health communication, and political communication. My primary research concern is how the impact of alcohol advertising on intentions of college age students to drink and their actual self-reported consumption is moderated by their cultural background and mediated by positive expectancies about alcohol use. My current research concern is (1) how global news agencies cover cancer news and (2) how cancer news coverage influences on public health attitudes and policy. My enduring research focuses on: (1) how media campaigns can stimulate democratic citizenship among people who are otherwise disengaged from the political process and (2) how interpersonal discussion can make contributions to citizens’ competence and participation in a democratic system.